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Indie Book of the Day: Feb. 24

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Today's Indie Book of the Day is: Legacy by @K_C_King

Synopsis“Had I not been so entranced by her, things might have turned out differently. My senses might have triggered more appropriate feelings of trepidation, and perhaps I could have prevented the treacherous act she would commit in the name of the mantle she craved. But I did not. And it was a grievous error for a mentor to make.”

As a double ascended guardian of anomalous origins, Bree Spencer has been forced to traverse a perilous road on account of ethereal prejudice. And now, as Hannah’s mentor, she is determined to prevent her from suffering the same fate.

But when Hannah evidences powers that only the ascended should have, it triggers dire consequences that will force Bree, and the Scions who love her, to face a chilling new reality. A reality marred with loss and betrayal. 

And where someone will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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