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Indie First Look w/ Brea Essex

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I'm currently working on the first book of another series, which should be out later this year. The book is called "Ouroboros". It will be there first book of The Zayin Chronicles.

Here's the blurb:
Imagine waking up in the hospital to find someone in your room that only you could see.
When eighteen-year-old Rhiannon wakes from a coma after a rock-climbing accident, she finds a strange guy in her room. He seems to be invisible to everyone—and he needs her help.
Zac is a Zayin, one of an elite fighting team. The problem is: he’s dead. He needs Rhiannon’s help to find his body so he can stop the self-proclaimed Prince of Death—The Necrovorst. Can they stop The Necrovorst before he unleashes his demons and destroys the world?

I felt as though I was walking in circles, and the beginning of something like panic began to lick at my mind. Had they forgotten I was coming? Had they not prepared a place for me? I began to run through the house. The walls seemed like they were closing in on me. The ceiling was becoming lower and lower. The halls were becoming narrower. Everything was shrinking, shrinking.

By now, the ceiling was too low for me to stand. I ceased running—there was no room. I crouched down and continued my search. What was I looking for? I had forgotten. I only knew that I needed to find something.
Now I was crawling on my hands and knees. The walls and ceiling were all so close together now that I couldn’t go any further. I was completely trapped. Maybe I could turn around and try to trace my way back.

I backed up until I could finally turn around. When I turned, there was a boy standing there. I stifled a scream. He had appeared so quietly! There was something familiar about him. His slightly wavy, messy brown hair reminded me of someone. Where had I seen him before? A movie? Was he someone I knew?

“I can help you find your way out,” he intoned quietly.
I stared at him for some time, unsure whether I should accept his help or not. Although I did very much want out of this seeming maze, there was something about him that didn’t sit quite right with me. I opened my mouth to agree to his help...

I watched in shock as a blade appeared, glinting in the middle of his chest. The boy’s eyes opened wide, and he slumped to the floor. I began to scream shrilly, my shrieks reverberating through my head as the bounced around the narrow enclosure behind me. Another boy stood behind him, his sandy brown hair gleaming even in the poor lighting. He twisted the blade in the fallen boy’s body, and then cruelly jerked it out. He calmly pulled a cloth from his pocket and cleaned the sharp edge that was now dull from a dark substance. Blood? No, it seemed darker than that.

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