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Indie Interview: Julia Crane

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Julia Crane

1. What book inspired you most before you became a writer yourself?
This question is so hard to answer. As an avid reader it's hard to pick just one. Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett comes to mind. I was in awe at the way he could weave a story with so many characters, and you felt like you knew each one of them.

2. First book you ever remember reading?
I was completely in love with Harold and The Purple Crayon.

3. How do you pick your character's names?
I actually use a lot of family names. I also go on baby name sites and search for unique names.

4. Name an excellent indie book that you think needs more recognition.
Abigail by Heather Marie Adkins

5. Share some quotes you love! Either from your book or someone else's!
I cannot live without books. -Thomas Jefferson

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