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Indie Interview: Charlotte Abel

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1. How do you pick your character's names?
I don't pick them, they tell me. They also tell me what sort of sports they play, where they live and who they want to fall in love with.

I wanted Josh to be a male cheerleader but he flat out refused ... said he was a BMX racer and didn't care one bit that I didn't know anything about the sport and had to do a ton of research before writing his story. Stubborn boy!

2. Name an excellent indie book that you think needs more recognition.
There's so many! "Beg for Mercy" by Shannon Dermott "The Destiny Series" by Nancy Straight "The Premonition Series" by Amy A Bartol

3. Share some quotes you love! Either from your book or someone else's!
"You can’t help but listen to your heart. The damn thing won’t shut up until you do." From "Enchantment" by Charlotte Abel

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