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Lovely Indie Month

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Welcome to the my lovely Indie Author Month 2012

To show my love for Indie aithors i decided to declare February indie author month on my blog! Welcome all and thanks for coming! There are lots of things to do and learn, so keep reading and i hope you have uber fun!!

To start the month off, we are having a constructing an Indie Index. In this index, everyone is welcome to add review links and book recommendations. This is for all the newbies in the Indie book world! This should make discovery very easy for them! Also to help in discovery, all through out the month we will be having guest posts, author interviews, cover reveals, sneak peeks and first looks! Lastly, everyday I will feature an "Indie Book of the Day"!

Once everyone's got a huge indie "to be read" list, its time to start reading! First thing Id suggest is to take a look at the giveaway hop! You may be able win the books you want! :D Next is our reading challenge! Its very easy...just 4 books or more! That's just one per week or you can read up to 26...or more! To help with your reading challenge goal, each weekend is a dedicated ReadAThon!

Once you've read and digested some books, you can make some nominations for the Indie Book Awards!! We'll take nominations all month and at the end of the month, we will vote!!

Perhaps the most exciting thing all month for you all is the HUGE End of the Month Giveaway!! And trust me, its huge! Right now, we have more than 15 prizes and its growing everyday! Its easy to gain entries! Everything you do this month will earn you entries!

Being a Blog follower (requires) = 1 entry
Adding a Review to the Indie Index = 5 entries each & can be done once a day!
Adding a Recommendation Post to the Indie Index = 5 entries
Completing the Reading Challenge = 25 entries
Complete the ReadAThon = 10 entires
Nominate For the Awards = 3 entries each & can be done once a day
Vote in the Awards = 10 entries
Follow my Twitter @ALove4Lit = 5 entries
Tweet About Giveaway = 10 Entries & can be done once a day
Host in the Giveaway Hop = 25 Entries
Add our Button to your Blog = 5 entries

Also, check the giveaway form regularly because ill be adding trivia periodically! :) Giveaway winners will be chosen March 1st, so be sure you have all your entries in before then! Keep checking back to watch the prizes grow!

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One last thing, if you'd like to host/sponsor this month, click the appropriate link below to get more information! Author | Blogger