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Wonderfully Wicked ReadAThon!!

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Hey everyone!! This October had been one super great and scary month for my blog here. This weekend ill be particpating in another Halloween event called the Wonderfully Wicked ReadAThon. It will officially be running from Tomorrow Friday Oct. 21 to Sunday Oct. 23. I of course work every weekend (sigh) so ill be doing some unofficial read today and Monday..hehe. OH and of course, i forgot the best part, tomorrow ill be hosting a challenge for the readathon!!

The challenge will give yall a little time to rest your eyes.
Ill post the challenge up at exactly 4pm est time (1pm pacific) and it will last 4 hours until 8 pm est (5pm pacific). Wooo, ok back to reading now! I just wanted to give you all a heads up! Thanks to ShelfConfession for hosting the ReadAThon!


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