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Title: The Brightest Kind of Darkness
Author: P.T. Michelle
Series Info: Book 1 of The brightest Kind of Darkness
Theme: Darkness vs. Lightness, Dreams, Fate
Rating: 5 hearts
Summary: Nara has an unusual gift. She came see her entire next day in her dreams. While she tries not to interfere, one day when she dreams of a bombing in her school she cant stay quiet... but soon her life starts getting chaotic. She meets a new gut at school Ethan who seems to be able to balance her..but suspcious, dangerous things start to happen and she cant tell whos behind them!

My Overall Thoughts: Excellent!! The action started from the very first page!! The timing and pace were great!! The romance was sweet and steamy! The mystery was infalliable with soo many twists! The authors writing style was beautiful. I was blown away by how perfect the book seemed, especially considering it was self published! Other self pubished books ive read had errors or were very short. This book didnt have any of those problems!! Its def ready for prime time! I honestly think its ranked in the top books ive read this year!!

What I Liked: My favorite part of the book, beside the scorching hot Ethan, was the last chapter. The last chapter is very visual and it is there that you learn the meaning behind the title and the cover! Its so vivid i felt like i was part of the story. The last chapter also introduces a new mystery to be explored more in book 2. The ending left enough open to make for a great sequal but tied up enough that you feel satistfied. I love the ending...although i continue to think about Nara and Ethan. I miss their story! (Fyi: a short story and a print copy will be coming out in November, then book 2 sometime after that)

What I Didn't Like: Honestly, the only thing i didnt like was the format...Ive come to depise kindle!!! Its soo slow and laggy on my android...maybe my phone is too slow..but i almost screamed with the sluggishness!! It was very distracting when i was reading...i much prefer the moon reader ebook app!! I will have to remember this!! As for the story or reading i didnt find anything to dislike!!

My Favorite Quote: "Knowing what was coming-even if i didnt like it- was better than not knowing what would happen if i changed something."

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