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Kindle Fire Giveaway, Interested?

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Hey Everyone! I have been thinking about something to do for when 1 reach 500 followers. I'm only half way so far, but i wanted to start thinking early! What i decided to do was a Lovely Lit Lottery. Initial entries will be $1 then extra entries, for tweeting, commenting, etc, will be free.

Oh course I'm sure you all are thinking "Why would i give some stranger a dollar?" right? Well that is because you will be entered to win a KINDLE FIRE plus various other book prizes!!

The whole reason i wanted to do this giveaway is because I've been wanting to giveaway an EReader on my blog for awhile, but i cant just spend $250 on it. I cant even afford one for myself, much less one to giveaway away.

Ok the Catch: I would need atleast 200 people to enter at $1 to be able to do it!! So before i commit to doing it, i want to gage interest so i can be sure i will have enough people enter. The price is $199 plus shipping/taxes. If i get money over the actual price, i will list books as prizes too. That way all the money you all send in, you'll be getting back in prizes.

I think itd be pretty awesome to enter at $1 and win a book or even a ereader!!

SO if you think i should do this, please write a comment and let me know... Also, let your readers and friends know too. Hopefully we can get to 200+ then someone will get an awesome ereader!!!

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