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Thursday Tea

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  • The Book:Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
  • The Tea:Lebanese Rose

All about the Book: I really like it so far! Ive only read the prologue and chapter one but its drawing me in. The prologue was a bit boring at first but got extra good and mysterious! Chapter one reminded me of Hush, Hush where she gets partnered with "him" for a school assignment! I hope it ends up as good as Hush, Hush too! This books making my nostaglic for my Edgar Allen Poe computer game!!


All about the Tea: Have you ever had it? Its different steeped herbs like regular tea and chamomile mixed with rosewater and sugar. My boyfriend's friend owns a greek cafe, so i get this tea for free!! Sweett! It tastes very exotic! Its soo good its hard to concentrate on my book! Each sip is like "mmmm need more"!

Thursday Tea: This is a weekly event that dicusses my current read and the tea i'm drinking with it! Brought to you by Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog


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