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Hey everyone! You may notice a bunch of changes to blog this coming week. Ive already change a few things so i wanted to make a post of to do's and have done's!

What's New:

  • Updated and refreshed theme

  • Added recent "bookish" activity and a reading list to bottom bar

  • Updated my wishlist bookcase (in tab)

  • Created a few templates for consistent and uniform posts

  • Implemented some new weekly meme found around the blogasphere

  • Added a features tab for easily finding memes

  • Designed new rating system

Future Changes:

  • Make more post templates

  • Creation of memes to host here

  • Restructuring of bottom bar

  • New graphics for blog bottons and other things

  • Design blog theme/layout for giveaway

If you have any ideas or suggestions, id love to hear them! Also if you have a question about how i did (or will do) something, just leave a question in the comments! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

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