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Im back!! Yay. Sorry for my absence! Ive been sick (stupid wisdom teeth) and then my transmission in my jetta broke (screams) so ive had a horrible 2 weeks! Anywho, im back and just wanted to update you all on whats going on:

First off, ive recently read 2 books and have about 15 (no joke) lined up next! So my FIRST ever review will be post very soon. The reason ive been waiting is because my  blog here will be getting a make over very soon! So i dont want to post things that will require changing after the makeover. And since one of the things in the makeover is a rating system.....i cant do reviews! Ooohh the suspense for my readers....hehehe. But soon i hope!

Second off, i sent out 2 gifts this week! I had a twitter giveaway and a random act of kindness. I have full posts for these written and waiting in drafts. So as soon as i see the elements of my new design, i suppose ill release the hounds!! :)

Thirdly, i see my follower giveaway is moving right along!! I had almost 25 followers when i checked last! Which is amazing! Im consider changing the giveaway a bit...maybe to like a random drawing each month, instead of each milestone. Then maybe something bigger at the milestones....yes i said bigger!!

Fourther, does anyone remember my library room..i posted before about making it over and installing one full wall of shevles.. Now this is a massive undertaking. We are talking about a wall thats 9ft high and 15ft wide (guess-tamation). So thatd be like 9 15ft shelves..for a grand total of (does calculations) 135 feet of shelve space. holy smokes!! If the average book is 1 and 1/2 inches (does more caculations) thats 1080 book!!! Woooooo that totally dwarfs my collection, so i guess i have some shopping to do! Woot.

Fifths, i have a blog carnival coming up as well as a egg hunt on my blog! Sooo stay turned for that!!

Well i think thats all for now..... gosh i feel like my blogs in beta mode....released but not fulling ready for far-reaching consumption. It can only get better from here though! Hehe

Oh ps: keep an eye out on my twitter @alove4lit and my twitpic acct. I been on a "life in pictures" kick! Haha lol.

Sorry for grammar/spelling stuff! Posted from my phone via Blogaway. hard to edit...


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