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Gratitude Giveaway

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My Giveaway: One winner will get a book of choice from Book Depository.

This Gratitude Giveaway Hop is to thank you all my readers/friends. I really love to read and love to have a community to share my adventures with!! I am deeply thankful for you all! Especially since i know my blog has been sparse lately!

To Enter:

  • Be or become a GFC follower of this blog

  • Leave a comment below as your entry containing your email or way to contact you

This giveaway is open to readers of any conutry as long as ships there! Entrys will be taken from Nov. 17 to Nov. 27. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen on the 28th, and will have 3 days to respond. Good luck & Thank You!!!

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Gratitude Giveaway hop: Running 11/17 - 11/27; to show gratitude to our readers. Brought to you by I am a reader, Not a Writer and All-Consuming Books.


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