November 29th: Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy by Julia Crane                 November 26th: Wisteria by Bisi Leyton


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Hey hey everyone! Wow my blog here has really taken off in the last week or two!! :) thank you to everyone who visits often and comments and things! I really love my readers and followers and appreciate everyone who comes by!

As you my see, Lovely Lit look totally different!! @Loriimagination did a whole blog/twitter make over for me! Amazing and beauiful huh! :D thank you so much Lori!

As for contest, i have 3 (almost 4) going on right now! One ends tomorrow another two ends on wedsenday and the last (yet to be announced will end in like 2 and a half weeks)! Click giveaways in the nav to see current contests! :D

Also the last day of the carnival is tomorrow!! Ssooo sad! I really loved it so far!! :D

Hmmmm, well just so you all know, i work all day on fridays saturdays and sundays, so postings on those days will be lacking. I do however have some posts planned for next week: a review, a widget, a follower giveaway (100 followers!! Sweet) and something special!!

Happy Mothers day!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, i just started Haven by Kristi Cook!! On chapter 2 but i love it!!


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