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Wuthering BitesI have SOO may books on my shelf that i havent read yet! Im some what of a book hoarder! I buy and buy but barely have time to read...  :/  I have so many book hual posts but like no book reviews! LOL. Im working on just soo busy! Guck! The book i decided to feature is called Wuthering Bites by Sarah Gray.

I bought this because i really loved Wuthering Heights. I of course love vampires too! I started reading it thinking that it would be like a modern adaption of the story like setting in the present or maybe in a different location. Gray, however did and excellent job keeping it true to the original. I did read the first chapter, but i lost interest very quickly. When i start reading it ill probably have to start from the beginning because i pretty much forget a lot of it....i also didn't have a bookmark... :/

Summary (from Goodreads): What if the enigmatic hero of one of our most timeless love stories was part vampire? The answer lies in this haunting retelling of the classic tale of Catherine and Heathcliff, kindred spirits bound by a turbulent—and now forbidden—passion...

     When a young orphan named Heathcliff is brought to Wuthering Heights by the manor's owner, Mr. Earnshaw, rumors abound. Yet the truth is more complicated than anyone could guess. Heathcliff's mother was a member of a gypsy band that roamed the English countryside, slaying vampires to keep citizens safe. But his father was a vampire. Now, even as Heathcliff gallantly fights the monsters who roam the moors in order to protect beautiful, spirited Catherine Earnshaw, he is torn by compassion for his victims—and by his own dark thirst.
     Though Catherine loves Heathcliff, she fears the vampire in him, and is tempted by the privileged lifestyle their neighbors, the Lintons, enjoy. Forced to choose between wealthy, refined Edgar Linton and the brooding, increasingly dangerous Heathcliff, she makes a fateful decision. And soon Heathcliff, too, must choose—between his hunger, and the woman he will love for all eternity... 

Sounds amazing huh? Mhm!! I think i'll start it up again soon!

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