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Indie Reading Challenge

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Yay, a reading Challenge! Ok guys, this one is super easy! It will last all month long and require you to just read 4 to 26 indie books (your choice). All you have to do is fillin the A to Z list below:


Each letter of the alphabet should correlate to either the authors name, a main characters name, a book title or book location! For example, The N could be for Nara in the Brightest Kind of Darkness -OR- the I could be for Elizabeth Isaacs! You are allowed to use one book up to 7 times in the list! All participates will get entries for the giveaway at the end of the month!

To participate, make a post for your entry on your blog and fill out the entry form with your link! Dont forget to collect your giveaway entires, click here. Congrats and have fun!

Indie Month ReadAThon's

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Hey hey everyone. Thanks for reading about the Indie Author ReadAThon's! We will be having a readathon each weekend (four total), so that you all can have plenty of opportunity to complete our reading Challenge.

The dates are:
#1 Friday, Feb. 3rd, 12 noon to Sunday Feb. 5th, 12 Midnight
#2 Friday, Feb. 10th, 12 noon to Sunday Feb 12th, 12 Midnight
#3 Friday, Feb. 17th, 12 noon to Sunday Feb 19th, 12 Midnight
#4 Friday, Feb. 24th, 12 noon to Sunday Feb 26th, 12 Midnight

Each readathon will start at noon on Friday and go through until Midnight on Sunday. To Join, all you have to do is make a post on your blog, listing the books you want to read and update it every 12 hours with your reading status. If you'd like to use the same post for each weekend that be awesome. Once you have your post setup, signup on the form below with the link to your post, so it will be easy for everyone to find you!

Signup with the link to your readathon post! Everyone participating in the readathon will get 10 entries in the Giveaway at the end of the month! Fill out the Form here for your entires! Good Luck and Happy reading!

Indie Author Month 2012

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Indie Author Month 2012

Hey hey guys & gals!! I have some awesome news!!! Lovely lit will be hosting a uber great event in the next month, all focused on indie authors and their awesome YA ebooks!!!

Why? Recently. i've been discovering sooo many indie authors on my Kindle. Initially, i downloaded one random book for 99 cents. I thought it'd be ok to spend a mire dollar even i i hated the story... but whoa...i LOVED it! Since then, i've bought about 10 more and added over 50 to my wishlist. Addicted much? I really, really wanted to let these author know how much i appreciate their hard work! So i think exposure of these awesome stories is perfect. Before i accidentally stumble upon my first indie book...i was pretty much clueless. I know there are probably lots of people out their like the "before" me... So i want to end that now!!

Ok, so more about what's going down!

The Events:
-Guests Posts (From Indie Authors and Other Bloggers)
-Reviews (From me and links to others)
-Reading Challenges (To help you all discover my Favorites)
-Indie Book Awards (Recognition for the Authors)
-Indie Read-a-Thons (Some Heavy Reading!!)
-Giveaways (Books and Giftcards) & Giveaway Hop!
-And More (Features at your request)

Today's post is to ask all of you for help!!
If you are an Indie Author: Id love to invite you to take our contribution survey!
If you are a Blogger: Id love to get indie book/author recommendation, links to your Indie reviews and also guest posts.
If you are a General Reader: Id love to get your ideas about things you'll see this event!
If you are a Designer: Id love to consult with you about the buttons and others graphics for the event.

The Schedule (So far):
Each Week: Reviews & Guest Post & Giveaways
Each Weekend: A Read-A-Thon
All Month: A big Reading Challenge
At the End of the Month: Author Book Awards & Huge Contributor Giveaway

This event is still in the planning stage... So if you anything to request or would like to contribute, please contact me or add a comment below!

Be looking for more comprehensive info and a schedule in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading!! :)